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Business Loan Insurance

Business Loan Protection is designed to help a business pay any outstanding borrowings such as loans. Overdrafts or a commercial mortgage, should the person covered die or become diagnosed with a critical illness.

The policy premiums are pairs for by the business. It is set up to reflect the terms of borrowing and can be either on a level term or decreasing term plan.

Being unable to repay loans can be a serious problem for a business following the death of a key person.

Case Study

The case study below illustrates some practical advantages by having relevant life cover and the potential tax savings:


a dry-cleaning business in Thame

The managing director George, plans to extend his business by opening a shoe repair shop next door.

In order to achieve this George needs to borrow £100,000 from a bank.

As part of the loan agreement he signs a guaranteed using the family home as security.

ABC Bank gives George £100,000 and if he suddenly dies the life assurance proceeds of £100,000 are given back to ABC Bank and the loan is then paid off.