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Fixed Term Contract Mortgages

If you are working on a fixed-term contract instead of a permanent position we may be able to help you obtain a mortgage to buy a property or remortgage.

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Dependent on the bank there are vast and varying criteria. The ability to lend based on fixed-term employment contracts as lenders worry about the future stability of the level of income. We will advise you on the best options available, and deal directly with the lender to place the mortgage to get it agreed.

We deal with clients that work in this capacity on a daily basis to ensure you get the best possible rate for your situation, and with understanding the exact nature of the role and proving the continued stability of your employment position.

What rate will you get?
We are able to deal with multiple high street lenders that through our understanding we are able to get the underwriters to agree to the mortgage, so you are not forced into looking at more expensive specialist lenders due to being on a fixed-term contract.

How long do I need on my contract?
We are able to help even if you are in the first month of a new contract, or the last month of the current contract.

How long must I have been contracting for?
With our expertise in the local area and understanding of how this form of employment works, we are able to help place the mortgage even if you are newly employed on a fixed term contract.

Are you currently on a Visa?
You are still able to proceed with a mortgage if you are on a Visa, please see further information on tier 2 visas.

If you have multiple contracts the same time we are able to use both forms of income in order to help you maximise your borrowing ability.

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