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Your Next Move

Calculate your MAX spend and monthly repayments

Before you start

  • We will ask you about your property, your income, and any outstanding credit commitments
  • This calculator will give you an indication of how much you could spend on Your Next Move and is not guaranteed
  • Your information is not stored, unless you choose to provide us with your contact details. Your information will not be passed to third parties
  • Using this calculator will not impact your credit score
  • This calculator is a guide only, lenders assess various income types in different ways, get in touch with one of our experts to get a more personalised quote.

1. The Deposit

Current property value i
Remaining Mortgage i
Savings i
Gifted i

2. Your Income

First Applicant Income i
Second Applicant Income i
Any other Income i

3. Commitments

Monthly payment
Total Outstanding
Clear from deposit
Personal Loans i
Credit/Store Cards i
Vehicle Finance i
Other committed monthly spend i

4. Moving costs

Average Cost
Actual if known
Paid from Equity
Estate Agent (based on 1.25%)
Solicitor conveyancing fees (to sell)
£ 1000
Solicitor conveyancing fees (to buy)
£ 1500
Moving (packaging and removals company)
£ 1500
Bright Money Fees
£ 0

View Your Results

Purchase Price i
£ 0
Max Spend £0
Deposit i
£ 0
Mortgage i
£ 0
Term i
25 Years
Max Term 40 years
Loan to Value i
LTV: 0% (deposit: 0%)
Interest Rate: 0%
Monthly Repayment i
£ 0
Stamp Duty on or before 30 September 2021 i
£ 0
Balance: £ 0
Stamp Duty on or after 1 October 2021 i
£ 0
Balance: £ 0

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