Mortgage Affordability Calculators

Each lender will have a different view on the clients they are trying to attract and therefore it is not unusual to get a different maximum loan from various different lenders.

In assessing the maximum loan amount a client can have each lender has some type of affordability calculator. This looks at the different types of income, the age of the client, term of the mortgage, outgoings and dependents. How much of the income used can be found on the criteria of the lender, some use 100% but others such as state benefits can be reduced to 50%.

Each lender will have a different view on the clients they are trying to attract and therefore it is not unusual to get a different maximum loan from various different lenders. We will look at Abbey for Intermediaries, Halifax for intermediaries, Platform home loans, Coventry/Godiva, The mortgage Works, Woolwich/Barclays, Virgin Money, Natwest, Nationwide, Skipton, Birmingham Midshires and the Newbury – to name a few.

Below there’s a few lenders affordability calculators with lending criteria our brokers visit to determine what the clients maximum loan is. They compare the affordability calculators to get a feel for the lenders before looking at the lenders products and fees.

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Abbey Abbey Affordability Calculator Abbey Lending Criteria
Accord Accord Affordability Calculator Accord Lending Criteria
Aldermore Each case individually assessed Aldermore Lending Criteria
Bank of China Each case individually assessed Bank of China Lending Criteria
Clydesdale Clydesdale Bank Affordability Calculator Clydesdale Bank Lending Criteria
Coventry Coventry Affordability Calculator Coventry Lending Criteria
Halifax Halifax Affordability Calculator Halifax Lending Criteria
Harpenden Building Society Harpenden Affordability Calculator Harpenden Lending Criteria
Kent Reliance Kent Reliance Affordability Calculator Kent Reliance Lending Criteria
Leeds Building Society Leeds Affordability Calculator Leeds Lending Criteria
Manchester Building Society Each case individually assessed Manchester Building Society Lending Criteria
Marsdens Building Society Marsdens Affordability Calculator Marsdens Lending Criteria
Mortgage Trust Each case individually assessed Mortgage Trust Lending Criteria
Nationwide Nationwide Affordability Calculator Nationwide Lending Criteria
Natwest Natwest Affordability Calculator Natwest Lending Criteria
Newbury Building Society Newbury Affordability Calculator Newbury Lending Criteria
Paragon Mortgages Each case individually assessed Paragon Mortgages Lending Criteria
Platform Platform Affordability Calculator Platform Lending Criteria
Precise Mortgages Each case individually assessed Precise Mortgages Lending Criteria
Scottish Widows Scottish Widows Affordability Calculator Scottish Widows Lending Criteria
Skipton Building Society Skipton Affordability Calculator Skipton Lending Criteria
Virgin Money Virgin Money Affordability Calculator Virgin Money Lending Criteria
West Bromwich Building Society West Bromwich Affordability Calculator West Bromwich Lending Criteria
Woolwich Woolwich Affordability Calculator Woolwich Lending Criteria